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Sirius offers print learning resources for all 20 STAAR-tested courses in grade 3 through End-of-Courses (EOC), including STAAR Preparation and Practice workbooks (SEs & TEs) and Zingers:  Solving the Most-Missed STAAR Test Items.

Sirius’s supplemental print resources were designed to be easy to use with core adopted resources to fill instructional and student learning gaps with essential TEKS instruction and STAAR 2.0 practice. In addition, Sirius resources support a wide range of student needs and multiple use cases, including Accelerated Instruction.

Our print and Sirius Online products help schools and districts better align their taught curriculum with how the TEKS are tested in STAAR 2.0, so students learn exactly what they need to know and do to succeed on the test. Scaffolded TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR practice enhance the critical thinking skills assessed on the STAAR tests, leading to improved performance.

All Print Products:

Grades 3 - 5 Mathematics

Grades 6 - 8 Mathematics

End of Course (EOC) Mathematics

Grades 3 - 5 Reading Language Arts

Grades 6 - 8 Reading Language Arts

End of Course (EOC) Reading Language Arts

Grades 3 - 5 Science

Grades 6 - 8 Science

End of Course (EOC) Science

Grades 6 - 8 Social Studies

End of Course (EOC) Social Studies