Grade 7 Reading Zingers: Answering the Most-Missed STAAR Test Items


Grade 7 Reading Zingers is a unique interactive workbook that engages ALL students in answering the most commonly tested TEKS that appear on released STAAR tests. Each lesson includes:

  • STAAR Skill Instruction: Students learn a tested skill and how its STAAR questions are worded.
  • Academic Vocabulary and Key Words: Students learn to identify academic vocabulary and key words that are necessary for understanding STAAR questions.
  • Scaffolded Practice: Three levels of practice with shortened selections and modified questions.
  • Question Analysis: Shows students the formula STAAR uses for phrasing questions and teaches students how to decode them.
  • Mixed Practice: Practice of two skills with full-length selections and questions.

Grade 7 Reading Zingers Teacher’s Edition

This one-color TE provides full answer choice explanations and is free with each set of 10 Student Editions.

Sirius Online – Grade 7 Reading

Sirius Online courses are available for all STAAR-tested subject areas and grade levels, including Grade 7 Reading, and can be used to support in-person, remote, or blended learning.

Sirius Online, with its interactive TEKS-based lessons, authentic STAAR practice, diagnostic and formal practice tests, and advanced reporting provides schools and districts with an invaluable resource for improving student progress, raising STAAR test scores, and addressing Accelerated Instruction requirements.

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