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About Sirius
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About Sirius Education Solutions

Sirius Education Solutions is a Texas-based publisher that focuses exclusively on supplemental TEKS-based instructional materials. Sirius sells print, digital, and blended learning resources for all 20 STAAR-tested courses from grade 3 through End-of-Course (EOC).

In the last 10+ years, Sirius has helped almost 700 Texas school districts better align their taught curriculum with how the TEKS are tested in STAAR 2.0, so students learn exactly what they need to know and do to succeed in all 20 tests.

Sirius supplemental resources were designed to be easy to use alongside core curriculum resources to fill instructional and student learning gaps with essential TEKS instruction and STAAR 2.0 practice. And Sirius supports a wide range of student needs and multiple use cases.

Sirius Serves ALL Students

Sirius resources are designed to improve all students’ STAAR performance. The new Accountability system emphasizes progress for all students and rewards moving more students to Meets and Masters Grade Levels.

tier 1 3 lowered 1TIER 1 (On-Level for ALL Students)
Authentic and rigorous STAAR 2.0 practice so all students learn exactly what they need to know and do for test day.

TIER 2 (On-Level to Support Struggling Students)
Scaffolded TEKS instruction gives struggling and Accelerated Instruction students an alternative and streamlined approach.

TIER 3 (Below-Level Remediation by Student Need, Topic, or TEKS)
Intensive and individualized support for relearning and recovering gaps in key skills and concepts needed in the on-grade level STAAR tests.

Inspiration Behind Sirius

Sirius’s founders had personal experience working with students who struggled with TEKS tests. We saw how students’ self-worth and confidence changed with success on these high-stakes tests and were inspired to create superior resources that make a difference—that really support teachers in helping students succeed on STAAR tests. This remains our inspiration—to change students’ lives by empowering teachers.

STAAR Can Be an Opportunity for Learning Life Lessons

Qualities Not Measured by STAAR TestsSTAAR tests focus on analytical thinking that can be taught and learned. In each course, we provide a Welcome activity that uses this cartoon to remind students that human beings are so much more than a test score.

Preparing for the STAAR test can also provide opportunities to develop many important qualities of character such as: the value of hard work, the courage to face one’s fears, developing our “muscles” of attention, and learning from mistakes.

Students should feel that if they earnestly apply themselves, it will pay off. So, while learning the tested content and thinking—they will also be learning habits that will serve them throughout their lives!

Sirius Beliefs About Learning & STAAR

Sirius has the following beliefs about learning:

  • ALL students can learn and improve their STAAR test performance. And Texas schools and districts can improve their grades. And improvement can often be more than most imagine!
  • Teachers and students can feel more confident about the STAAR tests. This happens when both teacher and student know exactly what will be on the test, its format, its thinking, and how best to prioritize preparation.
  • Encouragement and sincere support are more powerful than the fear of failure.
    • STAAR is not a measure of self-worth or intelligence or success or potential.
    • STAAR is not a choice. However, we can choose to make the most of this requirement and be empowered instead of becoming a victim.
  • It is only fair for students to receive instruction and practice in the content, format, and rigor of the STAAR tests, so they can learn what is assessed and have no surprises on test day.

Sirius Mission

Our mission describes our core purpose—what we do.

Sirius partners with Texas schools to help ALL students succeed with essential TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR practice.

Sirius Values

Our values or core beliefs describe what we care most about. Our central value is:

We believe in continual learning. Learning is what we sell and live each day.

Additional values that directly relate to continual learning are:

  • We believe in the power of education to transform individuals and society for the better.
  • We strive to exceed customer expectations in everything we do.
  • We value and have respect for the students, teachers, and the educational institutions we serve.
  • We aspire to have a collaborative and safe workplace where all employees feel respected and valued.
  • We believe that attention to detail and quality matter—in our products, services, and daily work.

Sirius Vision

Our vision describes why we exist and what we are striving to become.

Sirius aspires to make a lasting difference in Texas K–12 education by empowering educators and students to maximize their full potential.

Do you have any questions or comments about Sirius? We want to know what you think! Contact us.