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Welcome to Sirius Online

Sirius Online is designed to bridge the gap between a TEKS-based curriculum and the rigorous demands of STAAR testing, ensuring students learn the TEKS along with the STAAR-tested thinking. Our platform offers targeted learning experiences, authentic STAAR practice, and flexible instructional support to meet diverse educational needs.

Inclusive Learning Solutions

Content & Language Supports, English-Spanish Translations & Adaptations, ELPS Supports, and more!

At Sirius, we’re committed to creating an accessible learning environment. Our inclusive resources feature English Language Proficiency supports, Content and Language Supports (CLS), and adaptive technologies like Text-to-Speech and Translation. These tools are designed to support Emergent Bilingual students, ensuring every learner can succeed. Learn more here.

Streamlined Implementation and Comprehensive Support

Sirius Online is a comprehensive supplement to your taught curriculum and a user-friendly learning platform. It simplifies the educational process with easy implementation and customizable learning plans, empowering educators to address individual student needs effectively. With all 20 STAAR-tested courses and support for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Response to Intervention pathways, Sirius Online is an essential resource for educators looking to enhance student confidence and achievement.

Experience the Sirius Advantage—unlock your students’ full potential with our cost-effective packages for elementary school, middle school, and high school EOCs.

Sirius Online Courses

Developed by and for Texas educators, Sirius Online courses are focused exclusively on TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR practice for all 20 tested subject areas in Math, Science, Reading Language Arts, and Social Studies for Grades 3 through End-of-Course (EOC).

8th grade report screenshot

Courses in Sirius Online offer effective and flexible solutions for Texas educators and schools to address:

Fully Aligned with TEKS and STAAR Redesign

Sirius Online helps schools better align their curriculum with how the TEKS are tested in the STAAR Redesign, with 25%+ new question types, including written student responses.

All Reading Language Arts courses include instruction and practice for all tested writing TEKS: Revising, Editing, and Extended Constructed Responses.

RLA Grade 8 Sirius OnlineEach Sirius Online course is comprehensive and includes all corresponding print resources translated into an online format with diagnostic, practice, and post-tests, immediate feedback for students and teachers, auto-scoring, robust and insightful reporting, and accessibility and accommodation features.

In addition to providing these and other advanced technology features, Sirius Online courses integrate content from all print resources, making Sirius Online a perfect resource for online or blended learning. All Sirius Online courses integrate content from the following Sirius print products:

  • Preparation and Practice – TEKS instruction with STAAR Practice
  • Zingers –how to approach and answer STAAR test items
  • Practice Test – one full-length authentic test

Like all Sirius products, Sirius Online is up to date with the latest changes to STAAR and focuses on:

  • Matching STAAR-tested content, context (format), and complexity (rigor)
  • Engaging TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR Practice
  • Providing easy-to-use and adaptive resources for different contexts

Builds STAAR-Tested Thinking

The STAAR test is a thinking test that focuses on complex cognitive reasoning such as solving application word problems. To help students learn and practice the STAAR-tested thinking, Sirius Online uses multiple scaffolds with robust feedback such as:

Sirius Online scaffolds feedback

  • Submit Answer gives immediate feedback on the answer you selected.
  • Try Again gives you another try based on what you learned from the feedback.
  • Sample Answer gives a full solution or explanation in math and science.
  • Show Hint gives a helpful tip before answering a question.
  • Show Correct Answer gives the correct answer and its feedback.

Engages & Empowers Students

Sirius Online engages students by giving them choices, which helps them feel more “in control” of their learning. Choices encourage students to participate more actively and take greater ownership of their learning.

Sirius Online also promotes metacognition with short end-of-activity Self-Evaluations that help students reflect on their confidence level and effort and share thoughts with their teachers. Teachers can easily respond to student reflections, which builds relationships and understanding.

Supports Teachers & Saves Time

Sirius Online is easy to use and saves teachers’ time by providing:

  • Auto-grading and robust TEKS-based reports in both performance and usage
  • Diagnostic tests to identify needs and strengths
  • Focused remediation with TEKS instruction and STAAR practice
  • Post-tests to monitor progress
  • Saved student annotations and results for teachers to review and respond directly to students
  • Detailed item analysis reports to help analyze both class and individual student performance and usage for each item in an assignment.

Sirius Online provides authentic STAAR practice in a platform that closely matches the online STAAR test in content, format, and rigor so that students are comfortable and confidently prepared to succeed on the test.

Matches the STAAR Online Test and Platform

As the STAAR tests move to being completely administered online, it is important that students are prepared and confident with taking the online STAAR test.

Sirius Online closely matches the STAAR testing platform by including its unique tools and features. Sirius Online provides practice in a platform that closely matches the STAAR tests in content, format, and tools so that students transfer what they know and succeed on the actual test.

SO DigitialSolns ToolsFeatures

Sirius Online addresses the needs of a wide range of students by providing accessibility and accommodation features and tools that closely match those found in the current online STAAR test.

SO DigitalSolns FeaturesTable Updated

Sirius Online not only provides Text-to-Speech, but we also support translations in over 100 languages.

Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank & Test Builder

The Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank and Test Builder helps schools and districts create secure online assessments that mimic STAAR’s format, rigor, and question types; with comprehensive reporting tools, we offer a digital pathway to STAAR-authentic assessment experiences. Learn More.

Sirius Online Reports

Sirius Online’s powerful reports provide actionable insights to all users: students, teachers, department heads, school administrators, and district administrators.

Sirius Online provides comprehensive reports for Performance, Usage, Progress, and Engagement.

Sirius Online reports are organized into two views: Course Reports and Standards Reports. Both views provide data about performance and usage on the same assignments.

Reports Screenshot 2


Course Reports are organized with a table of contents view of assignments and use color-coded performance levels for each assignment.

SO DigitialSolns CourseKey 1

In contrast, Standards Reports use the STAAR test performance levels, including the same cut-scores used for each STAAR test! Standards Reports monitor student performance and usage against the TEKS by combining data from multiple assignments.

SO DigitialSolns PerformanceKey 2


Usage is available for each assignment in Course Reports and by TEKS in Standards Reports.

SO DigitalSolns Usage 4

Vertical Integration

Sirius reports are vertically integrated from District to School to Class to Individual Student. Each level of access to the aggregated data reports is determined by role, as shown for District Administrator, School Administrator, and Teacher.

Roles and Points of Entry and Report Tiers

All reports are exportable, use color coding for easy analysis, and include filters to help educators identify precise insights. For instance, the Standards Reports provides filters for analysis by Readiness vs Supporting TEKS and by Reporting Category.

Progress Reports 

Progress Reports show student growth within three performance categories. Low performers may show growth but still benefit from additional support. High performers may not show growth but are not falling behind.

SO DigitalSolns ProgressKey 3

Reports are color codes, and filters are available to target specific performance and growth levels to target interventions.

Class Details Report

Engagement Reports

Engagement Reports give insights into student effort and attitude by flagging students who are rushing or not taking advantage of instructional feedback and supports.

SO DigitalSolns EngagementKey 5

After students complete instruction or practice assignments, they can view an engagement score with the flags below.

  • Speed Warning: Students are likely rushing; they are working quickly and have low performance.
  • Feedback Use: Students are not taking advantage of the feedback supports (Hints, Try Again, Show Correct Answer, and Sample Answer).

For a closer look at sample reports in Sirius Online, check out our Report Book.

Sirius Online Supports Accelerated Instruction

HB 4545 mandates that students who did not pass the STAAR grades 3–8 and EOC assessments receive accelerated instruction.

Sirius Online provides scaffolded TEKS instruction and ample STAAR practice and makes a perfect resource for accelerated instruction, and includes:

  • All 20 STAAR-tested courses
  • Streamlined TEKS instruction with authentic STAAR Practice
  • Prioritized on-grade-level instruction with tools to identify and remediate learning gaps
  • Easy adaptation for unique contexts, including tutors and small groups
  • Rich reporting of student performance and usage, documenting weekly instruction and 30 hours of total instruction as required by HB 4545
  • Cost-effective Sirius Online packages that provide an economical solution for addressing Accelerated Instruction
  • Sirius Online provides access to previous grade-level courses to help students relearn and recover gaps in essential skills and concepts. Sirius Online provides easy instruction and practice by student need, by topic, or by TEKS so students can stay on track and succeed on the STAAR tests.

Sirius helps accelerate learning with unique Reading and Math Skills that support robust RtI programs with data-based decision-making. And they are free with Sirius Online courses!

Sirius Online Reading Acceleration

Sirius Online includes a unique reading recovery skill in Grades 6–8 Reading and English I–II Reading and Writing courses.

Each Sirius Online RLA course includes two mini-Reading Skills courses that help teachers and tutors identify and remediate diverse student needs with scaffolded instruction and practice that target the most-tested STAAR skills.

Sirius Online Math Acceleration

Sirius Online Math Skills are formative assessments that can be used as Warm-Ups before Sirius Readiness Lessons or as part of a basic skills inventory that includes a Diagnostic and Post-Test to monitor progress. Get more information on resources to accelerate instruction in Grades 3–8 Math and Algebra I!

Sirius Online for Maximum Flexibility

Sirius Online is flexible and easy to use for a wide range of implementation scenarios.

  • Use for synchronous or asynchronous instruction – in-person or remote instruction
  • Use for whole class, group, or individualized instruction
  • Use all year long, one semester, and/or weeks before the test
  • Use with Sirius print resources for a blended learning approach

Comprehensive Support for Sirius Online

At Sirius, we are committed to ensuring that our education partners are successful and fully supported when using Sirius Online. Helping teachers and our school and district partners leverage our solutions to help students realize their full potential on the STAAR test is our top priority.

To support you and your goals, Sirius Education Solutions offers our partners a variety of quality supports and services when using Sirius Online.

The Sirius Online Support Center

The Sirius Online Support Center has three main components designed to support educators in their use of Sirius Online courses:

Sirius Online Support Center 060723

  • A Support Knowledge Base provides useful documents, including a comprehensive Getting Started with Sirius Online Guide, which supports the set-up and use of Sirius Online, as well as providing other instructional supports.
  • Support Tickets that allow you to create and track progress on your requests for Tech Support or any other special requests you might have.
  • Sirius Online Educator Community gives you a place where you can ask questions, share ideas, tips, and best practices, and exchange information on models for successful instruction.

Streamlined Implementation Support

To get you up and running, our Customer Service and Educator Success teams work with our district and school partners to ensure your successful implementation of Sirius Online, including:

  • Helping you successfully onboard users into Sirius Online. We work with you to make sure that your students, teachers, instructional coaches, administrators, and other users get quick access to your Sirius Online.
  • Providing integration support for SSO, rostering, and LMSs, including integrations for Clever and Classlink, as well as Schoology, Canvas, and Google Classroom through our integration partner EdLink.
  • Solutioning and process improvements for technical support and implementation. Our Customer Support and Educator Success teams work with your instructional and technology teams to not only ensure your successful onboarding into Sirius Online, but to make sure you have the best learning experience possible.
  • Providing technical support. Our Customer (Technical) Support team is available to help you quickly resolve any technical support issues you may have and answer your questions. For more complex issues, including special integration requests, our Tier 2 Technical Support and Customer Success teams are ready to help.

Training & Professional Learning

Our training and professional learning offerings can be delivered in-person, online, or both by our highly qualified trainers and product experts.

Sirius also offers e-Learning modules of its training and professional development courses for those who cannot attend a training session, as a reference or refresher after the initial training, or as an asynchronous training resource to be used by your trainers.

Sirius offers two levels of training and professional development related to the use of Sirius Online for educators and school and district administrators:

Foundations Courses (100-level courses)

Sirius 100-level Foundations training courses are introductory courses on Sirius Online that are technology-driven and use a role-based application demo and practice approach. Our 100-level Foundations training and development courses include:

SES 101: Introduction to Sirius Online – a 1-hour demonstration-based course on the use of Sirius Online for teachers, educators, instructional coaches, and trainers

SES 102: Introduction to Sirius Online for Educational Leaders – a 1-hour demonstration-based course on the use of Sirius Online for administrators and educational leaders

Building Expertise Level Courses (200-level courses)

Sirius’ 200-level Building Expertise courses are 2 to 4 hours of hands-on, discussion, and analysis-based courses that rely on participants having at least one semester or a full term of active instruction using Sirius Online to help them best leverage the features of the product to enhance their teaching strategies and improve student performance.

SES 201: Sirius Online Reporting: Beyond the Basics 

SES 202: Implementing Sirius Online with Integrity: Accelerated Instruction, TEKS-based Instruction, STAAR Success and Accountability 

Sirius Online ALL-IN-ONE Pricing & Discounts

Sirius Online offers courses in all 20 STAAR-tested subject areas and grade levels. Enjoy substantial discounts when purchasing our Elementary, Middle, or High School (EOC) packages or the comprehensive Sirius Online District Library.

Not only do Sirius Online courses include access to the previous grade-level course, but students and teachers can also use all the courses available in one of our packages – Elementary (3-5 courses), Middle School (6-8 courses), and High School (EOC courses) or District Library (all 20 tested courses) for one low price!

And Sirius makes it easier than ever for you to implement a blended learning approach with special “Sirius Online + Print” pricing which offers substantial discounts when purchasing our print and online solutions together.

Contact your Sirius Sales Representative today or visit our “Pricing” page to get more information on pricing and discounts for Sirius Online.

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