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United ISD Achieves 91% Districtwide Passing Rate on Algebra l STAAR Exam

Algebra 1 Passing Rates, United ISD

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What Educators Are Saying About Sirius

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Sirius products work, they’re just amazing. I have seen firsthand scores go up… I highly, highly recommend Sirius products for any course content there is.
Director, Rio Grande Valley, Texas

As a first-year teacher, the Sirius resources assisted me by staying focused with the TEKS. I found Sirius to be very user friendly and my students gave Sirius a thumbs up.
Teacher, Brownsville, Texas

I’d absolutely recommend Sirius to others. It’s convenient, lesson-ready, ready-to-go. It reduces prep time. It’s all that we use.
English Department Chair, Midland, Texas

Sirius Online is a great platform that emulates what students will see the day of STAAR. The platform allows for students to effectively prepare and practice the concepts they struggle in.
High School RLA Teacher, United ISD

Sirius is a great tool for STAAR preparation. My students really love that they can see the correct response and the rationale.
RLA Teacher, United ISD

Sirius Online is aligned with the TEKS standards and expectations for the 5th grade science curriculum that the students are required to master on the Science STAAR Test. The program provides the resources that support students’ ability to meet that goal.
5th Grade Science Teacher, Southside ISD

I love how it’s tailored to TEXAS TEKS. I love the catch-all system for scenarios that could occur within students’ testing and tracking minutes on the system and/or lessons.
Teacher, San Antonio ISD