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STAAR 2.0 Question Types and Sample Questions

Sirius provides access to sample questions and some of our 25%+ new question types, including open-ended-questions, other non-multiple-choice questions, and technology-enhanced items adapted for print (workbooks). You can find the question types below. Learn more.

RLA – New Question Samples

Math Grades 3-5 – New Question Samples

Math Grades 6-A1 – New Question Samples

Social Studies – New Question Samples

Science – New Question Samples

Getting Familiar with STAAR 2.0

Navigating the STAAR assessment doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience for students. Our platform offers a series of specialized lessons designed not just to familiarize students with new STAAR question types but also to equip them with the skills to understand, analyze, and confidently answer them. These lessons delve into the intricacies of metacognition and STAAR-tested thinking processes. Our aim is to transform the way students approach standardized testing by empowering them to become strategic, self-aware learners. With Sirius, students are not just prepared—they’re empowered.

Sirius Online Reports

Sirius Online’s powerful reports provide actionable insights to students, teachers, department heads, school administrators, and district administrators. This presentation shows samples of various screens from Sirius Online’s Performance and Usage Reports.

Sirius Online Reports sample 1048x798

View this presentation as a PDF file.

Digital Access to Print Student Editions (SE) and Teacher Editions (TE)

Register for Digital Access to Student and Teacher Editions

For product review purposes, teachers can access digital versions of Sirius workbooks by registering at: off-site link opens in new tab or window.

Use your faculty email address (not personal) and the full name of the editions(s) you want. Please be aware that review periods are limited to 2 weeks.

Additionally, it may take up to 3 business days to receive a reply as we verify your registration. NOTE that these product reviews require internet access and cannot be downloaded or printed.

Contact Us for Help

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Product Samplers

Samplers of our print products are available as PDFs to view or download. You’ll find these on the respective product pages in the Products section of the website.

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