TEKS instruction
TEKS Instruction
& STAAR Practice

TEKS Instruction & STAAR Practice

With Sirius, you get more than test prep—you get rigorous, supplemental TEKS-based instruction. Use Sirius resources alongside your district’s core curriculum to better align what students learn to the content, context, and rigor of STAAR tests.

The STAAR test is a thinking test, where success depends less on factual recall than on mastery of the tested learning standards. That’s why Sirius, in print and online, combines TEKS instruction with authentic STAAR practice. Students benefit from both instruction and practice, including learning how to approach and answer STAAR test items.

Combining TEKS-based Instruction & Authentic STAAR Practice

Sirius’s unique combination of TEKS-based instruction and authentic STAAR practice offers several benefits:

  • Helps schools align their curriculum with how the TEKS are tested on the STAAR exams.
  • Keeps students on-track for STAAR success by using a scaffolded approach that’s fully aligned to the TEKS.
  • Allows teachers to provide full answer choice explanations and solutions, and to give students meaningful feedback about why one answer choice is best.
  • Makes it easy for teachers to individualize instruction based on student need, TEKS, or skill.
  • Provides the flexibility of being able to use Sirius throughout the year or weeks prior to the STAAR test, and for whole-class, small-group, or individualized intervention.
  • Helps build student confidence and success for taking the STAAR test online by “mimicking” the content, features, and functionality, as well as the look and feel, of the online STAAR tests (Sirius Online).

Inclusive Learning Solutions

Content & Language Supports, English-Spanish Translations & Adaptations, ELPS Supports, and more!

At Sirius, we’re committed to creating an accessible learning environment. Our inclusive resources feature English Language Proficiency supports, Content and Language Supports (CLS), and adaptive technologies like Text-to-Speech and Translation. These tools are designed to support Emergent Bilingual students, ensuring every learner can succeed. Learn more here.

Sirius Online: A Comprehensive Supplement

Sirius Online is a comprehensive supplement with three assignments:

  • Instruction—Explicit TEKS instruction uses the Gradual Release of Responsibility model.
  • Practice—Authentic STAAR 2.0 practice empowers students with scaffolds and feedback.
  • Assessment—Authentic STAAR 2.0 test items delivered with the same STAAR tools/features.

Teachers and co-teachers can easily customize assignments by need or TEKS for an entire class of students, small groups, and/or for individual students.

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Adapts for Different Contexts

Sirius Online is easy to adapt for multiple implementation models:blended learning without text icon

  • Time frames—all year long to a couple of weeks
  • Ability levels—Does Not Meet to Masters Grade Level
  • Groupings—all students, groups, partners, individuals
  • Instructional approaches—teacher-led, student-centered, asynchronous, etc.

Supports Differentiationtraining icon

Sirius Online gives teachers options to differentiate instruction by:

  • What content to assign—based on topic, TEKS, or student needs
  • Who to assign—all students, small groups, and individuals
  • Pacing of assignments—how many and how fast they get completed
  • How to deliver assignments—teacher-led, student-centered, etc.

Sirius Online and RtI Framework

One approach to organizing the implementation of Sirius Online is to use the Response to Intervention (RtI) framework with Tier 1, 2, and 3 pathways.

Rtl framework with Sirius online and Rtl

TIER 1—STAAR 2.0 Practice to Show Progress for ALL Students

The Texas accountability system emphasizes progress for all students, and rewards moving students to the Meets and Masters Grade Levels. All students benefit from regular authentic STAAR 2.0 practice. Online practice with actionable feedback helps students transfer their learning to the actual STAAR test. Use the Practice Test to avoid any surprises.

TIER 2—TEKS Instruction for Targeted On-Level Support

Sirius Online supports struggling and Accelerated Instruction students with targeted on-grade level TEKS-based instruction. Teachers can easily make individual or group assignments to target specific needs.

TIER 3—Remediation for Intensive Below-Level Support

Sirius Online below-level resources vary by subject area. All previous grade level courses of prerequisite TEKS are free to help with skills gaps.

Learn How Sirius Online Supports RtI in Each Subject Area