Sirius Online Products

Sirius Online Products

Welcome to Sirius Online, a platform designed to help schools bridge the gap between your on-level curriculum and the rigorous demands of STAAR testing.

Our resources ensure your instruction aligns fully with the most tested TEKS and emphasizes STAAR-tested thinking. With Sirius, you can streamline TEKS instruction, providing your students with targeted learning experiences and authentic STAAR practice.

What’s New in Sirius Online 2024-2025?

Content and Language Supports

Scaffold learning for Emergent Bilingual students across all proficiency levels. See it in action.


English-Spanish Translations & Adaptations

New courses in reading language arts, and math for grades 3-5 have been adapted to Spanish and are designed to guide students toward English proficiency. Try it here.


ELPS Teacher Resources

A resource for educators in grades 3-5 RLA and math to scaffold and differentiate instruction for language learners using the English and Spanish Language Proficiency Standards.

ELPS compressed

Spelling Assistance

Integrated spell check to support student writing.

Spellcheck Final

Translation & Text-to-Speech

Text-to-speech and translations in over 100 languages make learning accessible to all students. See our samplers and demos page to try our translation and text-to-speech tools.

New TEKS for Science Courses

Grade 5, 8, and Biology courses have all been updated for the new TEKS. All science instructional lessons use a new Click2Reveal activity that helps students slow down and read more carefully–helping with engagement, reading comprehension, and retention.


Try it here!

Samplers & Demos | From STAAR Familiar to Fluent

Fully Aligned with TEKS and STAAR Redesign

Sirius Online helps schools better align their curriculum with how the TEKS are tested in the STAAR Redesign, with 25%+ new question types, including written student responses.

All Reading Language Arts courses include instruction and practice for all tested writing TEKS: Revising, Editing, and Extended Constructed Responses.

RLA Grade 8 Sirius OnlineEach Sirius Online course is comprehensive and includes all corresponding print resources translated into an online format with diagnostic, practice, and post-tests, immediate feedback for students and teachers, auto-scoring, robust and insightful reporting, and accessibility and accommodation features.

In addition to providing these and other advanced technology features, Sirius Online courses integrate content from all print resources, making Sirius Online a perfect resource for online or blended learning. All Sirius Online courses integrate content from the following Sirius print products:

  • Preparation and Practice – TEKS instruction with STAAR Practice
  • Zingers –how to approach and answer STAAR test items
  • Practice Test – one full-length authentic test

Like all Sirius products, Sirius Online is up to date with the latest changes to STAAR and focuses on:

  • Matching STAAR-tested content, context (format), and complexity (rigor)
  • Engaging TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR Practice
  • Providing easy-to-use and adaptive resources for different contexts

Builds STAAR-Tested Thinking

The STAAR test is a thinking test that focuses on complex cognitive reasoning such as solving application word problems. To help students learn and practice the STAAR-tested thinking, Sirius Online uses multiple scaffolds with robust feedback such as:

Sirius Online scaffolds feedback

  • Submit Answer gives immediate feedback on the answer you selected.
  • Try Again gives you another try based on what you learned from the feedback.
  • Sample Answer gives a full solution or explanation in math and science.
  • Show Hint gives a helpful tip before answering a question.
  • Show Correct Answer gives the correct answer and its feedback.

Samplers & Demos | From STAAR Familiar to Fluent

All Online Products:

Grades 3 - 5 Mathematics

Grades 6 - 8 Mathematics

End of Course (EOC) Mathematics

Grades 3 - 5 Reading Language Arts

Grades 6 - 8 Reading Language Arts

End of Course (EOC) Reading Language Arts

Grades 3 - 5 Science

Grades 6 - 8 Science

End of Course (EOC) Science

Grades 6 - 8 Social Studies

End of Course (EOC) Social Studies