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At Sirius, we believe in providing equitable access to education for all students. Our platform is designed to support diverse learning needs, offering comprehensive tools and resources that support English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), Content and Language Supports (CLS), translation services, and text-to-speech functionality.

ELPS Supports: Enhancing Language Proficiency

Our ELPS supports are tailored to boost language learning across various proficiency levels. By integrating these supports into our lessons, we offer structured activities that help teachers effectively differentiate instruction and scaffold content. These activities are easy to implement, ensuring teachers can focus on enhancing learning outcomes for English language learners.

ELPS compressed

Content and Language Supports (CLS)

Sirius’ CLS tools are specifically designed to aid Emerging Bilingual students. Providing scaffolded definitions and examples, these supports help clarify the language used in educational content and assessments.


English-Spanish Translations & Adaptations

Content offered in English and Spanish ensures that students can access and engage with learning materials in their native language, facilitating a smoother transition to English proficiency.ES

Spelling Assistance

Student writing support to assist those with spelling challenges and language learning needs. This tool offers real-time spelling assistance helping students express their ideas clearly and confidently.

Spellcheck Final

Translation & Text-to-Speech

Text-to-Speech enables all students, especially those with reading difficulties, to access written content in an audible format, enhancing their learning experience and independence.

Translate TTS

New TEKS for Science Courses

Grade 5, 8, and Biology courses have all been updated for the new TEKS. All science instructional lessons use a new Click2Reveal activity that helps students slow down and read more carefully–helping with engagement, reading comprehension, and retention.


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At Sirius, we ensure every student has the tools and resources to succeed. By supporting all students, we are helping to build a more inclusive and effective educational environment. Explore how our comprehensive support can transform your educational approach and uplift every learner.

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