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Solutions for Teachers

Solutions for STAAR Success

No one knows the needs of your students, and how to address those needs, better than you. At Sirius, we strive to provide you with quality resources that better prepare students for success on the STAAR tests—resources that can become an important part of your school or district’s accountability and performance improvement plan.

Developed by and for Texas educators, Sirius print and digital resources are focused exclusively on TEKS instruction and the STAAR tests for all 20 tested subject areas in Math, Science, Reading Language Arts, and Social Studies for Grades 3 through End-of-Course (EOC). View Sirius Products.

How Sirius Helps Teachers

By Addressing the Skills Your Students Need for STAAR Success

Sirius helps teachers by addressing the precise skills and knowledge that students need to master for success on the STAAR tests.

Sirius provides essential TEKS instruction with authentic STAAR 2.0 practice that closely matches the test in all the details: content, format, and complexity.

Your students benefit by:

  • Reviewing and practicing the most important tested skills
  • Solving authentic STAAR 2.0 items that reflect how the TEKS are assessed
  • Becoming fluent with the format (including new question types) and the thinking in STAAR 2.0
  • Practicing for the online STAAR test in the Sirius Online environment that matches the tools and features in the online STAAR platform, ensuring that students are comfortable and fully prepared when taking the test

By Providing Teachers with Time-saving Resources & Features

Sirius knows that teaching time is precious. Sirius makes planning and preparation more efficient and helps save you time because Sirius resources are organized to focus directly on the skills and knowledge students need to be successful on the STAAR 2.0 tests.

Additionally, Sirius Online saves teachers’ time by providing:

  • Auto-grading and robust TEKS-based reports in both performance and usage
  • Diagnostic tests to identify needs and strengths
  • Focused remediation with TEKS instruction and STAAR practice
  • Post-tests to monitor progress
  • Saved student annotations and results for teachers to review and respond directly to students
  • Detailed item analysis reports to help analyze both class and individual student performance and usage for each item in an assignment

By Supporting Multiple Teaching & Implementation Models

Sirius resources provide teachers with the flexibility to address whole-class instruction, small groups, individualized instruction, or remediation.

Our print and digital resources can be used in person, remotely, or in a blended learning approach to address:

By Providing Comprehensive Training & Support for Teachers

Sirius Test Preparation and Practice Teacher’s Editions and Sirius Online courses provide built-in support for teachers, instructional coaches, and tutors.

Resources are designed to help get you going quickly.

For teachers using Sirius Online, we provide a variety of development resources designed to help you get going quickly and receive the most out of your Sirius Online courses, including:

  • The Sirius Online Support Center, with its Knowledge Base, Support Ticketing System, and Educator Community
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 support from our Customer (Technical) Support and Customer Success teams to help you with any technical support or platform integration issues
  • Training and professional development courses for teachers, instructional coaches, trainers, and other educators designed to help you get the most out of Sirius Online.

Sirius Online Teacher’s Guides

Sirius Online provides robust Teacher’s Guides. Each guide helps teachers understand what resources they get, and how they can best use them.

These guides were crafted to save teachers’ time and prevent difficulties. Each guide includes a Quick Start and a Going Deeper section, with in-depth information and recommendations for implementing Sirius Online.

Using Sirius Online for Greatest Impact

Get the most from Sirius Online by using the Teacher Guides to help:

  • Fill gaps in adopted instructional materials by providing essential TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR 2.0 practice
  • Complement your core curriculum to support all students, including Accelerated Instruction and struggling students
  • Match STAAR 2.0 in all ways—its content (TEKS), context (online and new question types), and complexity (rigor)
  • Add depth and rigor to your taught curriculum with the STAAR-tested thinking

With Sirius Online, you can be confident that your students will learn exactly what they need to know and do on STAAR 2.0, including fluency with online testing. Sirius Online Matches the STAAR Test

You can download the Sirius Online Teacher’s Guides below.