Sirius print solutions
Print Solutions

Print Solutions

Sirius print resources are available for all 20 STAAR-tested courses and help schools better align their curriculum with how the TEKS are tested in STAAR.

Each Sirius course includes 2 distinct resources:

  • Preparation and Practice—TEKS instruction with STAAR practice
  • Zingers—how to approach and answer STAAR test items

Because each content area’s STAAR test emphasizes content-specific thinking, Sirius addresses each content area in distinct ways. ALL Sirius resources are always up to date with the latest changes to STAAR and:

  • Match STAAR-tested content, context (format), and complexity (rigor)
  • Provide engaging TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR Practice
  • Are easy to adapt to different contexts: whole-class, small-group, and individuals

Blended Learning with Sirius Online

Sirius consumable workbooks align closely with and complement Sirius Online courses. This makes it easy for teachers to select the format that best supports individual student needs.

Many struggling students take greater ownership of their learning when they write in their OWN WORKBOOK. And many students are better able to transfer their thinking processes to an online format when they see and experience the same content first in print or in both print and online formats.

And Sirius makes it cost-effective to implement a blended learning approach with special “Sirius Online + Print” pricing.

New RLA Workbooks for STAAR Redesign

New RLA Essential TEKS with STAAR Practice workbooks for Grades 3 through English II match the STAAR redesign in all its details, including:

  • 25% new question types adapted for print
  • 50% writing in all grades, with Revising and Editing
  • Short Constructed Response and Extended Constructed Response
  • Argumentative and cross-curricular passages

TEKS Instruction & STAAR Practice

Preparation and Practice course workbooks provide scaffolded TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR practice. Each course provides focused instruction in the most-tested TEKS and uses the Gradual Release of Responsibility instructional model.

The TEKS lessons prepare students for STAAR practice with sample authentic STAAR questions that emphasize the most-tested TEKS. All subjects except for Reading Language Arts also include Cumulative Review for mixed and spaced STAAR practice.

3-Step Approach to Prioritize and Individualize Remediation

Preparation and Practice courses are easy to differentiate for mixed-ability classrooms. The 3-Step Approach can be used to create individualized learning plans:

  1. Use the Diagnostic to identify needs.
  2. Use targeted TEKS instruction and STAAR practice.
  3. Use the post-test to monitor progress.

Helps Teachers Give Actionable Feedback Using Color Teacher’s Edition

Each Preparation and Practice course includes free color TEs that include mini-SE pages with sample student responses, including full-answer choice explanations or solutions at point of use. Full-answer choice explanations help teachers or tutors give students actionable feedback about why one answer choice is BETTER than another.


Zingers: The Most-Missed or Most-Common STAAR Test Items

Zingers engage all students in preparing for the STAAR exams. Zingers focus on how to approach and answer STAAR test items.

  • Scaffolds instruction and practice in answering STAAR test items
  • Easy to implement in multiple contexts, including mixed-ability classrooms
  • Helps ALL students answer more STAAR test items correctly
    • Challenges strong students and helps them be more conscious of their thinking
    • Helps on-level and weak students grow their test-taking skills and confidence

Zingers can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Warm-up activities
  • Transition activities with partners, small groups, or working alone
  • Spaced review, such as one day a week
  • Intense review/preparation in the weeks before the STAAR test