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Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Blended Learning Solutions That Address Your Major Needs

No one knows the needs of your students and how to address them better than you. At Sirius, we strive to provide you with quality resources that better prepare students for success on the STAAR tests—resources that can become an important part of your accountability and performance improvement plan.

Our goal is to provide effective, high-quality, easy-to-use instructional resources that can be used to address a variety of different instructional needs and provide flexibility in supporting different instructional implementation models.

For educators seeking to use a blended learning approach, using Sirius print-based products and Sirius Online courses in person and online are a great solution for addressing:

Quality TEKS and STAAR-Aligned Resources

Sirius Online and print resources are always up to date and address the latest changes to STAAR. You can always count on Sirius solutions to provide:

  • Matching STAAR-tested content, context (format), and complexity (rigor)
  • Engaging TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR Practice
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-adapt resources for a wide range of implementation scenarios

Blended Learning That’s Easy to Use

Sirius digital (Sirius Online courses) and print resources are parallel resources with the same organization and high-quality instruction and practice, but each has been created to take full advantage of what print and digital media do best and can offer to students and educators.

Sirius Grade 8 Mathematics SEMany struggling students take greater ownership of their learning when they write in their OWN WORKBOOK. Additionally, students are better able to transfer their thinking processes to an online format when they see and experience the same content in both print and online formats.

Our comprehensive Sirius Online courses integrate all the content from our print-based Preparation and Practice Student Editions and Zingers but also include online diagnostic practice and post-tests, immediate feedback for students and teachers, auto scoring, robust and insightful reporting, and accessibility and accommodation features.

Benefits of a Blended Learning Approach

At Sirius, we ensure our print and online resources provide you with the ability to deliver high-quality TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR practice in a way that best supports your students and your school and district objectives.

Using Sirius resources in a blended learning approach offers other benefits, including:

  • Being able to deliver instruction and access resources anytime, anywhere
  • Increasing student engagement by using multiple media for a richer learning experience that addresses a broader range of learning modalities
  • Having multiple opportunities to gain insights into your students’ needs and progress, including through online performance and usage reports
  • Being able to address whole-class, group, and individualized instruction or remediation, and when appropriate, self-paced learning
  • Increasing motivation and lowering anxiety for some learners

Blended Learning Discounted Pricing

Sirius makes it easier than ever for you to implement a blended learning approach with special “Sirius Online + Print” pricing that offers substantial discounts when purchasing our print and online solutions together.

Contact your Sirius Sales Representative today or visit our “Pricing” page to get more information on “Sirius Online + Print” pricing and discounts for purchasing the Sirius Online Elementary, Middle School, and High School (EOC) packages, and the Sirius Online District Library.

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