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Customer Success

Customer Success

Our Customer Success Team works with our partners to ensure they’re receiving the tools and support needed to achieve their goals. They’re proactive in cultivating customer relationships and enhancing the customer experience. Our Customer Success Team ensures customers get fast time to value support and bridge the gap between sales and customer support.

Our goal is to help customers succeed and ensure the best results for their students. We have multiple touch points in which we strategically decipher what needs to be put in place to ensure a successful customer journey. We partner together with school leadership to set dates and milestones as well as to celebrate when you meet those milestones. We analyze the data and help set best practices to maximize student achievement. If you’re not meeting those milestones, we work with you to determine why and develop a plan to build success for your students.

At Sirius Education Solutions, our Customer Success Team is dedicated to uncovering the key needs of educators using our products and services, both now and in the future, with a primary goal of enhancing student success in STAAR.

Innovative Implementation Technologies, Supportive Teams, & Efficient Processes

Our Customer Success Team works hand-in-hand with our partners in districts and schools to develop, provide, and maintain streamlined implementation strategies and user-friendly features for our Sirius Online programs.

Effortless Online Customer Experience

At Sirius Education Solutions, our team of Customer Success professionals provides educators with a straightforward, user-friendly, and time-efficient experience, including assignment-making, reporting, and more.

Comprehensive Knowledge, Training, & Learning Opportunities

We empower educators with in-depth knowledge assets, hands-on training, and rewarding learning experiences, all aimed at promoting wider use of our learning platform. Discover more about our training programs here!