Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Education

Sirius Education Solutions operates exclusively in the great State of Texas. We specialize in crafting innovative, impactful test prep and TEKS-based solutions that pave the way to lasting success for educators while empowering students across Texas to achieve their academic best. 

We are proud of our Texas roots—we were educators before we were publishers and are exclusively committed to the academic success of Texas students. As former educators, we understand the transformative power of teaching and teachers’ critical role in shaping their students’ futures.

Our dedication is reflected in our practice of publishing only for the Texas education market and for setting the gold standard for TEKS-based instructional materials. We don’t just offer products—we offer a promise of superior quality. 

We understand that the smallest details can make the biggest differences, and we aim to instill this value into every solution we offer. We believe in the power of educators and aim to amplify their impact through our TEKS-based solutions. Your success is our success, and together, we can shape a brighter, smarter future for Texas.

We invite you to experience the Sirius difference for yourself.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Resources

Sirius Promotes Responsible Use of Paper

As educators, we love reading and writing on paper! Paper is a renewable and sustainable natural resource that is also recyclable when managed properly. Sirius promotes the responsible use of paper as one part of our striving to make a positive impact on education in Texas.

Sirius Prints in Texas

All Sirius workbooks are printed here in Texas. We use local and independently owned printers with a long history of supporting their communities and employees.

Printing in Texas means we support Texas communities and save time and costs in shipping our orders. 

Sirius Uses Recycled Paper & Boxes

Sirius prints with recycled paper to help save trees and energy and to reduce solid waste and wastewater. Specifically, all Sirius books are printed with paper that has:

All Sirius print resources are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes. Sirius ships its books using corrugated boxes:

  • Made from 48% to 100% PCW and generally closer to 100%
  • About 90% of all corrugated boxes are recovered for recycling

For shipping, we optimize the weight and volume of our packaging to support our customers and staff while keeping shipping costs low.

Sirius Supports the National Forest Foundation (NFF)

In 2022–23, Sirius supported the planting of over 8,000 trees in national parks. This is the equivalent of 1 tree for each class using Sirius workbooks. By partnering with the NFF, Sirius demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability and our public lands. 

Sirius Serves as an Example

At Sirius, we not only want to support teachers with tools that make their work easier, but we want to serve as an example for Texas educational publishers. This goes to our very roots as former educators. We believe the example that teachers demonstrate daily—caring about the smallest detail—can have a profound impact on students, and that cannot be underestimated!

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