Sirius Science Products

Sirius digital and print resources accelerate student learning. Sirius’ streamlined instruction ensures that students master all tested TEKS.

Sirius practice and assessments close performance gaps by closely matching STAAR 2.0 in content, format, and rigor. Students don’t just learn the TEKS, they learn how to think through application word problems that are tested on the STAAR test.

Sirius’ comprehensive supplements are easy to adapt for diverse needs and multiple contexts.

Updated for the New Science TEKS

Grades 5, 8, and Biology EOC courses are updated for the new TEKS, with new TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR 2.0 practice and assessment items.

All science instruction has been revised to improve readability and use more visuals including color art and some animations and videos. Instructional lessons also include new Click2Reveal activities that engage students so they read more carefully and better remember what they read.


Grades 3 - 5

Grades 6 - 8

End of Course (EOC)