Accelerated Instruction
Accelerated Instruction

Accelerated Instruction

House Bill 1416 updated the requirements in HB 4545 that districts provide 15 to 30 hours of Accelerated Instruction to students who did not pass any STAAR test. The only way to relieve a student from an Accelerated Instruction commitment next year is to ensure that they pass their STAAR tests this year!

Sirius Education Solutions provides TEKS-based instruction and STAAR 2.0 practice for all STAAR-tested subjects and makes a perfect resource for tutors and small-group instruction to address accelerated instruction.

Only Sirius gives you:

  • Comprehensive TEKS-based instruction and test preparation with authentic STAAR practice in all 20 STAAR-tested courses
  • More than 30+ hours of additional TEKS-based instruction for each STAAR test course as required by HB 4545
  • Flexible learning formats, including print, online, and blended learning, that are easy to adapt for small groups and individualized instruction
  • Targeted on-grade-level courses for tested subjects and previous grade-level courses for targeted remediation (Sirius Online)
  • A platform that mimics the STAAR online format, so students perform confidently when they take the test online 
  • Detailed performance and usage reports to help track student progress and ensure compliance with HB 4545 

Why Sirius Works for Accelerated Instruction

Sirius helps schools better align their taught curriculum with how the TEKS are tested in STAAR. Sirius matches the rigor of STAAR by emphasizing the most-tested TEKS and the STAAR-tested thinking.

Sirius solutions offer:

  • Streamlined TEKS instruction with authentic STAAR practice
  • Select instruction and practice by student need, by topic, or by TEKS
  • Accelerated learning by prioritizing on-grade-level content with built-in supports for learning gaps
  • Teachers and tutors have online access to previous grade-level courses to help students relearn and recover gaps in essential skills and concepts

Sirius Online Reading Acceleration Solutions

Sirius Online includes a unique reading recovery solution in Grades 6–8 Reading and English I–II Reading and Writing courses.

REVIEW & BUILD Reading Skills

Each Sirius Online RLA course includes two new Reading Skills mini-courses that help teachers and tutors identify and remediate diverse student needs:

  • REVIEW Reading Skills—Previous Grade Level
  • BUILD Reading Skills—On-Grade Level

These two mini-courses are based on our popular print Reading Zingers and target the most-tested STAAR skills with scaffolded instruction and practice.

Sirius Online Math Acceleration Solutions

To help accelerate learning, Sirius Online includes unique Math Skills for Grades 3–8 Mathematics and Algebra I.

Math Skills Review

Math Skills help teachers or tutors identify key prerequisite skills for review. Math Skills are formative assessments that can be used as warm-ups before Readiness Lessons or as a basic skills inventory.

  • Each assessment includes two or three key prerequisite skills from previous grades.
  • Each set of 6 exercises includes a solved example to remind students of the assessed skill.
  • Pre- and Post-Assessments can identify targeted prerequisite needs and help monitor progress.

identifying inverse operations 2

Students also receive immediate feedback, and reports track performance and usage. Math Skills Review is part of a robust math RtI program with data-driven decision-making.

For more information on our solutions for Math Acceleration, click here.

Sirius Online ALL-IN-ONE Pricing & Discounts

Sirius Online offers courses in all 20 STAAR-tested subject areas and grade levels. Enjoy substantial discounts when purchasing our Elementary, Middle, or High School (EOC) packages or the comprehensive Sirius Online District Library.

Not only do Sirius Online courses include access to the previous grade level course, but students and teachers can use all the courses available in one of our packages—Elementary (3–5 courses), Middle School (6–8 courses), and High School (EOC courses) or District Library (all 20 tested courses) for one low price!

And Sirius makes it easier than ever for you to implement a blended learning approach with special “Sirius Online + Print” pricing that offers substantial discounts when purchasing our print and online solutions together.