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Solutions for School Administrators

Solutions for STAAR Success

No one knows the needs of your students and how to address them better than you. At Sirius, we strive to provide you with quality resources that better prepare students for success on the STAAR tests—resources that can become an important part of your school or district’s accountability and performance improvement plan.

Developed by and for Texas educators, Sirius print and digital resources are focused exclusively on TEKS instruction and the STAAR tests for all 20 tested subject areas in Math, Science, Reading Language Arts, and Social Studies for Grades 3 through End-of-Course (EOC). View Sirius Products.

Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank & Test Builder

For school administrators, the Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank offers a powerful tool to streamline assessment processes, ensuring alignment with the most-tested TEKS and rigor of STAAR 2.0. Create, customize, and securely administer assessments that truly reflect student progress and curriculum effectiveness.

Dive into a comprehensive bank of over 10,000 authentic STAAR 2.0 items, perfectly tailored to align your assessments with the STAAR’s rigor and format. This bank is ideal for creating custom common assessments across all 20 STAAR-tested courses. Learn More.

How Sirius Helps School Administrators

Sirius Resources Improve Student Performance on the STAAR Tests

Sirius helps principals and campus administrators improve ALL students’ performance on STAAR tests, including moving more students to Meets and Masters Grade Levels.

Sirius Helps Your Campus Achieve Its Accountability Goals

Sirius ensures your campus builds a positive energy of progress while ensuring your autonomy. Your teachers will feel supported and effective with engaged, successful students.

Sirius does this by helping you better align your taught curriculum with how the TEKS are tested in STAAR 2.0.

For instance, students need to learn vocabulary, concepts, and computation skills for adding and subtracting fractions. But STAAR tests require that students use this knowledge and these skills to solve application word problems—complex cognitive tasks that students can learn with instruction and practice to achieve exactly what they need to do on the test.

Sirius Resources Provide Insights & Documentation of Student Performance & Usage

Sirius resources can help improve your overall school performance and be an important part of your school’s overall performance plan.

Additionally, Sirius Online can help provide the 30+ hours of additional instruction for students requiring Accelerated Instruction.

The Performance and Usage Reports in Sirius Online not only provide you and your teachers with valuable insights into what students need and how they are performing, these reports can also help you document your Accelerated Instruction efforts related to addressing HB 4545.

Sirius Product Training & Development Support Your Teachers and Staff

Sirius supports your school’s implementation of Sirius resources and programs by providing product training and additional development opportunities to your teachers, instructional coaches, tutors, department heads, APs, and principals.

For schools using Sirius Online, Sirius works collaboratively with your instructional and technical teams to quickly “onboard” your students into the online courses and ensure they address your instructional needs and requirements.

Sirius Online ALL-IN-ONE Pricing & Discounts

Sirius Online offers courses in all 20 STAAR-tested subject areas and grade levels. Enjoy substantial discounts when purchasing our Elementary, Middle, or High School (EOC) packages or the comprehensive Sirius Online District Library.

Not only do Sirius Online courses include access to the previous grade-level course, but students and teachers can also use all the courses available in one of our packages – Elementary (3–5 courses), Middle School (6–8 courses), and High School (EOC courses) or District Library (all 20 tested courses) for one low price!

And Sirius makes it easier than ever for you to implement a blended learning approach with special “Sirius Online + Print” pricing that offers substantial discounts when purchasing our print and online solutions together.