Retesting and Summer Learning
Retesting &
Summer Learning

Retesting & Summer Learning

Sirius print and digital solutions provide unique support for retesting, summer learning, and year-round learning loss recovery, which:

  • Help struggling students with scaffolded TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR practice
  • Are easily adaptable for different grouping structures and blended learning
  • Provide flexibility allowing teachers to select content by student needs, topic, or TEKS

EOC Retesting

Some students will take STAAR End-of-Course retests—tests they need to pass to graduate. Effective test preparation and practice are essential for these students, and Sirius can help you get them on the path to success.

  • Available for all 5 STAAR EOCs, including two full-length Practice Tests
  • Streamlined TEKS instruction with authentic STAAR practice
  • 3-step approach to prioritize and individualize remediation
  • Mimics STAAR so students transfer what they learn to the actual test

Summer Learning

Summer school can help students get back on track. All students can improve—with the right support. With Sirius, your summer school students get both remediation and reinforcement on the most-tested TEKS—and a head start for the next school year.

Sirius Online Reading Recovery Solutions

Sirius Online includes a unique reading recovery solution in Grades 6–8 Reading and English I–II Reading and Writing courses.

REVIEW & BUILD Reading Skills

Each Sirius Online RLA course includes two new Reading Skills mini-courses that help teachers and tutors identify and remediate diverse student needs:

  • REVIEW Reading Skills—Previous Grade Level
  • BUILD Reading Skills—On-Grade Level

These two mini-courses are based on our popular print Reading Zingers and target the most-tested STAAR skills with scaffolded instruction and practice. For more information, click here.

English II Reading Skills large 1024x919

Sirius Online Math Recovery Solutions

Sirius Online includes unique Math Skills for Grades 3–8 Mathematics and Algebra I to help with missed learning opportunism.

Math Skills Review

Math Skills help teachers or tutors identify key prerequisite skills needing review. Math Skills are formative assessments that can be used as Warm Ups before Readiness Lessons or as a basic skills inventory.

  • Each assessment includes two or three key prerequisite skills from previous grades
  • Each set of 6 exercises includes a solved example to remind students of the assessed skill
  • Pre- and Post-Assessments can identify targeted prerequisite needs and monitor progress

Students receive immediate feedback, and reports track performance and usage. Math Skills Review is part of a robust math RtI program with data-based decision-making. For more information, click here.

Identifying Inverse Operations

Math Mixed Review STAAR Prep

Mixed Review STAAR Prep is a better way to review in the 4 to 6 weeks before the STAAR tests, such as after Spring Break. In less than 10 minutes a day, students focus on the most-tested STAAR problems for all Readiness TEKS.

Each daily Prep practice includes 2 authentic and mixed STAAR test questions, including new question types. Questions include Hints and immediate feedback and conclude with a self-reflection activity on problem-solving skills.

After 4 daily Prep assignments is a weekly Quiz delivered in test mode with no Hints or feedback. After 4 weeks of assignments, there is a summative test based on the Prep and Quizzes.

Finally, a bonus fifth week of the most important Supporting TEKS is available to provide students with a review of the 40 most-tested STAAR 2.0 questions.

Practice Tests

Each course includes one full-length practice test that closely matches the STAAR-tested content, format, and rigor. Sirius Practice Tests are always up to date and match the STAAR redesign blueprints exactly. All test items are original.

Sirius Online’s user experience closely matches the online STAAR platform in its tools and functionality. Students benefit from practice delivered with the same look, feel, and functionality as the actual STAAR test so that they can perform confidently come test day.