STAAR Test Prep and Practice
Prep & Practice

STAAR Test Prep & Practice

Success for your school and your students depends on success on the STAAR tests.

That’s why a comprehensive STAAR test preparation and practice program should be a part of every school and district’s accountability and performance improvement plan.

Improving STAAR Mastery & Performance

Created exclusively by and for Texas educators, Sirius has been the go-to resource for STAAR test preparation since 2015. Our test preparation and practice solutions help improve students’ level of mastery and performance on the STAAR.

Here’s why Sirius is the best choice for your STAAR success:

  • Comprehensive: Sirius offers resources for all STAAR-tested subjects, from Grades 3–8 and EOC that address all tested-TEKS.
  • Matches STAAR 2.0: Our solutions are fully updated and current to the latest Blueprints and STAAR 2.0 specifications.
  • Easy to Use: We provide flexible choices for implementation: print, digital, or blended learning
  • Easy to Adapt: Our solutions are effective for whole-class, small-group, and individualized instruction, and for full-year use or intensive review weeks before the test.
  • Rigorous Content: Closely matches the complexity of the tested content and thinking inherent in the test format with scaffolded instruction and robust feedback.

Extensive Teacher Support

Sirius provides onboarding assistance, product training, and a knowledge base with information, tips, and strategies, as well as meaningful reports for teachers that provide insight into students’ performance against the TEKS.

Inclusive Learning Solutions

Content & Language Supports, English-Spanish Translations & Adaptations, ELPS Supports, and more!

At Sirius, we’re committed to creating an accessible learning environment. Our inclusive resources feature English Language Proficiency supports, Content and Language Supports (CLS), and adaptive technologies like Text-to-Speech and Translation. These tools are designed to support Emergent Bilingual students, ensuring every learner can succeed. Learn more here.

Sirius Online Matches the STAAR Online Format

With STAAR moving to an online-only test, it’s critically important that students practice on a platform that emulates the STAAR online format so they are comfortable and fully prepared to succeed on the STAAR online test. When students prepare for the STAAR test with Sirius Online, there will be no surprises on test day.

Sirius Online closely matches the STAAR testing platform by including its unique tools and features. Sirius Online provides practice in a platform that closely matches the STAAR tests in content, format, and tools, so students transfer what they know and therefore succeed on the actual test.

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Sirius Online addresses the needs of a wide range of students by providing accessibility and accommodation features and tools that closely match those found in the current online STAAR test.

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Sirius Online not only provides Text-to-Speech, but we also support translations in over 100 languages.

What Makes Quality Test Prep?

The answer is simple but requires hard work to accomplish. All High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) must align closely with TEKS and provide instruction, practice, and assessment. At Sirius, we take curriculum alignment one step further—we closely match the STAAR-tested content, context (format), and rigor. In this way, Sirius ensures that students learn exactly what they need to know and do on STAAR 2.0 tests.

And like any HQIM, Sirius provides TEKS instruction, STAAR practice, and coordinated assessments—including spaced review—that form a comprehensive supplement. Sirius is easy to use alongside core adopted resources, filling in the curricular gaps created by the STAAR redesign. Because not all TEKS are equally important on STAAR tests, Sirius helps teachers prioritize with streamlined TEKS instruction that prepares students for our rigorous, authentic STAAR 2.0 practice.