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Solutions for District Leaders

Solutions for STAAR Success

No one knows the needs of your students, and how to address those needs, better than you. At Sirius, we strive to provide you with quality resources that better prepare students for success on the STAAR tests—resources that can become an important part of your school or district’s accountability and performance improvement plan.

Developed by and for Texas educators, Sirius print and digital resources are focused exclusively on TEKS instruction and the STAAR tests for all 20 tested subject areas in Math, Science, Reading Language Arts, and Social Studies for Grades 3 through End-of-Course (EOC). View Sirius Products.

Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank & Test Builder

District leaders can leverage the Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank for consistent, high-quality assessment practices across schools. Benefit from a wealth of data for making informed decisions, supporting TEKS-based interventions, and ensuring district-wide educational excellence.

Dive into a comprehensive bank of over 10,000 authentic STAAR 2.0 items, perfectly tailored to align your assessments with the STAAR’s rigor and format. Ideal for creating custom common assessments across all 20 STAAR-tested courses. Learn More.

How Sirius Helps District Leaders

Resources for Addressing District Accountability & Performance Plans

Sirius provides district leaders with resources that can be used in multiple ways to address their accountability and improvement plans.

Available resources include:

Sirius helps superintendents and other district leaders enrich their core curriculum so that it better aligns with STAAR.

Sirius resources are effective because they closely match the STAAR 2.0 tests in content, format, and rigor.

Drill-and-kill does not match the cognitive complexity of STAAR; it is both ineffective and boring. Sirius supplementary resources fill the curriculum gap by enriching your core curriculum with deeper learning.

Sirius print solutions and Sirius Online courses help improve ALL students’ STAAR test performance, including moving more students to Meets and Masters Grade Levels, helping to ensure that your district meets its accountability goals.

Effective Solutions for Accelerated Instruction

Sirius resources are easy to implement and offer a cost-effective way to address your district’s instructional needs, including Accelerated Instruction as required by HB 4545.

Sirius resources provide scaffolded on-level TEKS instruction and tools to identify and remediate learning gaps—we focus on the skills your students need for STAAR success!

After all, it makes sense for students to learn exactly what they need to know and do on the test, including having familiarity with the tested item types and thinking.

Our solutions provide you and your schools with flexible options that support:

  • Yearlong or semester-long TEKS instruction and practice
  • Preparing and practicing for the STAAR test weeks before the test
  • 30+ hours of additional instruction for Accelerated Instruction
  • Whole-class, group, and individualized instruction and remediation
  • In-person, remote learning, and blended learning

Data and Reports that Support Decision-Making & Accountability

Sirius Online’s powerful reports provide actionable insights to all users, including students, teachers, department heads, school administrators, and district administrators.

Sirius Online provides comprehensive reports on both PERFORMANCE and USAGE, with future reports focusing on student PROGRESS and ENGAGEMENT.

Sirius Online reports are VERTICALLY INTEGRATED from District to School to Class to Individual student, with each level of access to the aggregated data reports being determined by role.

The reports in Sirius Online not only provide district administrators with valuable information and insights on student performance, usage, progress, and engagement within your schools; report data can also be used to document performance and usage, including for Accelerated Instruction.

Support for Your Schools & Teachers

Sirius Education Solutions provides a variety of hands-on success-driven training and learning opportunities designed to provide teachers, trainers, program specialists, and administrators with the information and skills to take advantage of all that Sirius Online offers.

Our training and professional learning offerings can be delivered in-person, online, or both by our highly qualified trainers and product experts.

Sirius also offers e-Learning modules of its training and professional development courses for those who cannot attend a training session, as a reference or refresher after the initial training, or as a training resource to be used by your trainers.

In addition to product and implementation training, Sirius offers a wide range of additional resources to support the schools and teachers in your district, including the Sirius Online Support Center.

The Sirius Online Support Center

The Sirius Online Support Center has three main components designed to support educators in their use of Sirius Online courses:

  • A Support Knowledge Base provides useful documents, including a comprehensive Getting Started with Sirius Online Guide, which supports the set-up and use of Sirius Online while providing other instructional supports.
  • Support Tickets allow you to create and track progress on your requests for Tech Support or any other special requests you might have.
  • The Sirius Online Educator Community gives you a place where you can ask questions, share ideas, tips, and best practices, and exchange information on models for successful instruction.

Cost-Effective Solutions & Discounts

Sirius Online offers courses in all 20 STAAR-tested subject areas and grade levels. Enjoy substantial discounts when purchasing our Elementary, Middle, or High School (EOC) packages or the comprehensive Sirius Online District Library.

Not only do Sirius Online courses include access to the previous grade-level course, but students and teachers can use all the courses available in one of our packages — Elementary (3–5 courses), Middle School (6–8 courses), and High School (EOC courses), or District Library (all 20 tested courses) for one low price!

And Sirius makes it easier than ever for you to implement a blended learning approach with special “Sirius Online + Print” pricing that offers substantial discounts when purchasing our print and online solutions together.

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