Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank & Test Builder

Welcome to Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank & Test Builder, a resource for administrators to create robust benchmarks and common assessments that align with the STAAR 2.0 rigor, context, and format. Our platform offers intuitive online tools designed to support the year-round creation of authentic checkpoints and benchmarks, covering all 20 STAAR-tested subjects and grades. With our expansive test bank, leaders can build authentic STAAR assessments delivered on an online platform that closely matches Cambium to generate high-quality data.

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Ample Authentic Sirius STAAR 2.0 Items

The Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank provides over 10,000 authentic STAAR items. Every tested TEKS in all 20 STAAR-tested courses is included. Sirius items are new and distinct from our Sirius Online courses, and provide over 5 full Practice Tests to select from. Our item distribution matches STAAR Blueprints by emphasizing the most-tested Readiness TEKS.

Subject New Sirius STAAR 2.0 Items Released STAAR Items Total
7 courses
1,730 2,002 3,732
8 courses

2,979 (476 passages)

318 (56 passages) 3,297
3 courses
452 875 1,327
Social Studies
2 courses
493 754 1,247
All 7 grades 3–5 courses
2,054 n/a 2,054
Total 7,708 3,949 11,657

*Each Grades 3-5 course total includes transadapted Spanish items and passages.

Authentic STAAR 2.0 Questions—New Question Types

The Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank items closely match the new STAAR 2.0 in content, format, and rigor:

  • Over 30% new question types (with 2-point and SCR/ECR items)
  • 60–65% Readiness TEKS and 35–40% Supporting TEKS
  • RLA argumentative and cross-curricular passages with 50% writing

Released STAAR Test Items—Maximum Flexibility

The Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank includes over 3,950 released STAAR test items for Math, Science, Social Studies, and RLA (STAAR 2.0 items only).

  • Six years of released print tests (2016–2019, 2021–2022)
  • Online STAAR 2.0 tests with new question types (2023)
  • A TEA copyright notice within each item (to keep them separate)

Grades 3–5 Spanish Questions

All Sirius grades 3–5 items are available in both English and Spanish, including the pre-built assessments. This means you can deliver the same common assessments in both English and Spanish.

Secure Pre-Built Assessments—Convenient & Customizable

Pre-built assessments are ready-to-use in all 20 STAAR-tested courses. All pre-built assessments are secure—private until published for teachers—and can be fully customized by adding or removing items. Sirius randomizes answer choices so students working on the same question have different correct answers, which is just like the actual STAAR test.

Each course includes a full-length authentic Practice STAAR 2.0 test that is distinct from our Sirius Online Practice Tests.

High-Quality Assessments—Make Data-Informed Decisions

Make data-informed decisions with the assessments provided through the Sirius Online platform.

  • Assessments are delivered in the Sirius Online platform that uses similar tools and functionality as the STAAR online tests
  • Student performance data can be exported as CSV files for analysis and disaggregation
  • Student results can be used for targeted interventions by TEKS within the same Sirius Online platform

STAAR 2.0 Practice Tests

Every course includes a full-length Practice Test based on the STAAR redesign Blueprints. All questions are new and distinct from the Sirius Online Practice Tests.

Pricing and Packages—Cost-Effective Solutions for All 20 Courses

The Sirius STAAR Assessment Bank is available in District- and Campus-level packages with quantity discounts based on the number of student licenses.

For additional savings, include the Assessment Bank with our comprehensive Sirius Online digital courses. Learn more about Sirius Online here.

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