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Sirius offers digital and print resources for all 20 STAAR-tested courses for STAAR 2.0 for grades 3 through EOC. Sirius products provide exceptional value to schools and school districts because they can be used to support a variety of instructional needs and uses, including:

  • STAAR Test Preparation & Practice
  • Authentic supplemental TEKS-based instruction
  • Accelerated Instruction

With Sirius, you don’t have to purchase multiple products to address multiple needs. And, Sirius products can be used to support a variety of implementation models, including in-class, remote learning, and blended learning.

We believe it’s important to provide Texas schools and districts with affordable and effective products that improve instruction and STAAR test performance. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality resources at the greatest value!

To help you stretch your instructional materials dollars further, Sirius offers meaningful discounts when purchasing print and digital products.  This includes offering discounts for quantity purchases and product packages (bundles).

Funding Resources

Texas IMTA (Instructional Materials and Technology Allotment) State funds can be used to purchase Sirius resources. TEA lists Sirius as Allowable Instructional Materials under non-adopted instructional materials here.

Federal Funds (Title I, III, IV Part A, V Part D, & ESSER)

Sirius Online meets the federal evidence-based standard under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) at the Tier IV level. Thus, Sirius satisfies the high ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) set-aside requirements. Learn more about our research base here.

Digital Licenses

Annual subscriptions for Sirius Online can be purchased in 3 ways: individual coursesschool packages (elementary, middle, and high schools/EOC), and district libraries (all 20 courses).

Sirius Online school packages allow schools and districts to save money and broaden student access to valuable resources by providing discounted access to all the tested online courses in elementary, middle school, and high school (EOC). 

Want to lower your district’s overall implementation costs for closing gaps in curriculum and student achievement? Sirius Online district library packages provide access to all 20 STAAR-tested courses for one low price per student.

Sirius Online provides you with additional value by including the previous year’s course for below-level interventions. And access for teachers, tutors, and administrators is always free!

Print Products

Our quantity discounts and Print Combos give you additional opportunities to save on Sirius’s Essential TEKS with STAAR Practice Workbooks.

Quantity discounts are available for all of our Essential TEKS with STAAR Practice Workbooks, including our new Reading Language Arts workbooks for all eight tested RLA courses for grades 3 to English II that include new question types, writing, and content and that closely match STAAR 2.0.

Different subject and grade-level workbooks can be purchased using quantity discounts, while Combo discounts are offered to customers purchasing workbooks and Zingers together for the same course. Color Teacher’s Editions are free with each class set of student workbooks.

Sirius sells two print products, Student Editions and Zingers, for all 20 STAAR-tested courses. Consumable print products are sold by workbook, and different subjects can be combined for quantity discounts. Additionally, Combo discounts apply when two products of the same course are purchased together. And both combo and quantity discounts can be used for additional savings.

Additional Shipping and Handling fees apply for all print products. These fees range from 5% to 15% based on the print order total and include insurance. Print products are shipped from Dallas, Texas. Please discuss any unique delivery needs with your Account Executive.

Blended Learning

Sirius supports hybrid and blended learning instructional models by pairing its digital courses with complementary print workbooks. Teachers can effortlessly move between each format to best serve their students’ individual needs and preferences.

For blended learning purchases, digital licenses are sold at normal prices with discounted print Add-On products that offer savings of 35–40%.

Professional Learning

Sirius offers Sirius Online training that can be delivered via eLearning modules, virtual webinars, and onsite.


Sirius Sole Source Letter & Cooperatives