Grado 5 Matemáticas: Repaso y Práctica de Preparación para STAAR

Updated with More STAAR Practice! | New Spanish language version!

Grado 5 Matemáticas provides systematic and comprehensive coverage of the 12 Readiness TEKS (that make up 60-65% of the STAAR test). Each lesson includes interactive questions, step-by-step examples, and ample practice—skills & concepts and STAAR practice. The program includes:

  • Supporting Success: STAAR practice for each of the 24 Supporting TEKS
  • Cumulative Review: Mixed review for the Readiness TEKS
  • STAAR Problem-Solving Strategies: An interactive lesson with 2 key test-taking strategies
  • Answering Griddables: An interactive lesson on how to complete the free-response grids to avoid careless errors
  • English/Spanish Glossary: The essential terms that students need to know

Grado 5 Matemáticas Teacher’s Edition

This full-color spiral bound TE includes a planning page for each lesson, an Assignment Guide, and full solutions for every STAAR practice item.

Grade 5 Math Zingers: Solving the Most-Missed STAAR Test Items

Zingers helps all students to learn to solve the most difficult test items. Easy to implement in various settings, Zingers provide scaffolded instruction and practice, and allows students to answer more difficult questions correctly. Use Zingers for warm-up activities, spaced review, and intensive prep just prior to the STAAR test.

Sirius Online – Grade 5 Mathematics

Sirius Online courses are available for all STAAR-tested subject areas and grade levels, including Grade 5 Mathematics, and can be used to support in-person, remote, or blended learning.

Sirius Online, with its interactive TEKS-based lessons, authentic STAAR practice, diagnostic and formal practice tests, and advanced reporting provides schools and districts with an invaluable resource for improving student progress, raising STAAR test scores, and addressing Accelerated Instruction requirements.

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