Articles About STAAR Testing & TEKS Instruction

Articles from Sirius Education Solutions addressing the topics of STAAR testing, TEKS instruction, test preparation and skills assessment.

Feeding the Hippocampus: Causing Memory


By thinking about texts as food, you can help learners connect to the emotion that enables them to pay attention when they take tests. When Dr. Shona explains things this way, her kids start to look at the whole test-taking mess a bit differently.


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Reading Pixels: A Canyon Metaphor

still image from a video

A metaphor for the difference between online and offline reading reveals that we can’t see what students are having to do to make sense of the text or the test. It’s important to uncover what’s happening under our hard heads as we tackle online reading assessment success. What layers are present in reading online and cognitively that we understand and use to intervene? 



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Working Memory and Screen Components

Dr. Shona tests the user experience for Cambium to prove how taking a tutorial on any assessment platform is not going to be enough exposure to screen complexities to help eliminate the challenges of online assessments for young student readers.

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