Sirius Online: Biology EOC

Sirius Online: Biology EOC is fully updated for the new TEKS, with interactive TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR practice for all tested TEKS in EOC Science.

Updated for the STAAR 2.0 test with new question types, including Short Constructed Responses, that make up over 35% of the total test score.

Sirius closes performance gaps by closely matching STAAR 2.0 in content, format, and rigor. Students don't just learn the TEKS, they learn how to think through application word problems that are tested in STAAR.

Key features of the NEW Sirius Online: Biology EOC:

  • Enhanced readability with new Click2Reveal functionality and color visuals that help engage students in reading more carefully
  • Diagnostic, Post, and Practice tests help assess students’ comprehension of the STAAR-tested TEKS
  • Immediate, actionable feedback and student choice engage and develop students' deeper thinking skills
  • Automatic scoring and reporting deliver data on lesson instruction, STAAR practice, diagnostic tests, and a full-length practice test
  • Performance and usage reports by course and standards provide actionable insights for teachers, school administrators, and district administrators
  • Accessibility and accommodation features include text-to-speech, content and language supports, and word-to-word translations in over 100 languages
  • Problem Solving engages students to solve challenging STAAR test items that often include a stimulus such as a table and graph

Because Sirius Online: Biology EOC provides targeted instruction for the most-tested TEKS, it is an excellent solution for addressing the Accelerated Instruction requirements in HB 4545 and HB 1416.

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