Sirius Online: Grade 8 Social Studies

Sirius Online: Grade 8 Social Studies provides scaffolded TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR practice for all tested TEKS in Grade 8 Social Studies.

Updated for the STAAR 2.0 test with 25%+ new question types, including Short Constructed Responses.

Updated for the STAAR 2.0 test with 25%+ new question types and Getting Familiar lessons for the new question types.

Student performance is improved by closely matching the STAAR-tested content, format, and rigor, including the tools and functionality encountered in online STAAR tests.

Key features of Sirius Online: Grade 8 Social Studies:

  • Diagnostic, Post, and Practice tests help assess students’ comprehension of the STAAR-tested TEKS
  • Immediate, actionable feedback and student choice engage and develop students' deeper thinking skills
  • Automatic scoring and reporting deliver data on lesson instruction, STAAR practice, diagnostic tests, and a full-length practice test
  • Performance and usage reports by course and standards provide actionable insights for teachers, school administrators, and district administrators
  • Accessibility and accommodation features include text-to-speech, content and language supports, and word-to-word translations in over 100 languages
  • DBQ lessons guide students through analyzing primary sources
  • Analyzing Visuals activities challenge students to explore, analyze, and interpret an image using student writing.
  • Reasoning lessons help students think carefully about each answer choice in STAAR test items

Because Sirius Online: Grade 8 Social Studies provides targeted instruction for the most-tested TEKS, it is an excellent solution for addressing the Accelerated Instruction requirements in HB 4545 and HB 1416.

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