Science: Getting Familiar with STAAR 2.0

With all the changes to the new STAAR 2.0 tests, are your students ready?

  • All tests are being administered online in the new STAAR test format.
  • New question types, including technology-enhanced items (non-multiple-choice).

STAAR 2.0 Science New Question Types (Student Lessons)

Science—Multiple Choice and Multiselect
Science—Drag and Drop
Science—Hot Spot
Science—Short Constructed Response
Science—Text Entry (Grade 8 and Biology)

Sirius helps make sure you and your students are ready for success on STAAR 2.0 by providing:

  • Sirius Online courses that match the online STAAR test in content, format, and complexity, helping your students feel prepared and confident on test day!
  • 25%+ new question types, including open-ended questions, other non-multiple-choice questions, and technology-enhanced items adapted for print (workbooks).
  • New Getting Familiar with STAAR 2.0 Question Types Student Lessons that help your students understand the structure and thinking in each new question type.

For more information on how Sirius resources can help ensure that you and your students are ready for STAAR 2.0, or to request a demo of Sirius Online or samples of our new Essential TEKS and STAAR Practice workbooks, please contact us today!