Leadership Team

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

CEO & Chief Content Creator

Andrew Roberts is a lifelong educator—first as a teacher and then as a developer of instructional materials. Andrew began his professional career as an engineer but dreamed of being a teacher. He attended Johns Hopkins University on a scholarship where he earned a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Andrew has experience in teaching both children and adults—both in the inner city and in the Appalachian Mountains—in subjects as varied as reading, science, and mathematics. While teaching in a school for low-income Texas students, he participated in a three-year NSF-funded curriculum-writing project.

Andrew then joined a major publisher and rose to become the head of the Mathematics Department. In 2008, he formed an editorial services company to develop curriculum projects for major publishers. In 2012, Andrew started Sirius Education Solutions to help schools better align their curriculum with how the TEKS are tested in STAAR. Andrew is honored to serve the talented staff of Sirius and is inspired to support Texas teachers in making a lasting difference in students’ lives.