Empowering Every School, No Matter the Size

At Sirius Education Solutions, we believe every small school deserves access to the highest-quality educational tools without the burden of high costs.

Our mission is to empower small Texas schools with affordable, easy-to-implement educational solutions.

Why Sirius?

  • Aligned with TEKS and STAAR 2.0: Designed to align seamlessly with the most tested TEKS, emphasizing STAAR-tested thinking.
  • Flexible and Easy Implementation: Adapts to your school’s unique needs for personalized implementation plans.
  • Actionable Insights: Detailed reporting empowers educators and administrators to make data-informed decisions and target interventions.
  • Grounded in Effectiveness Research and Best Practices: Sirius uses established research and design principles to ensure its resources are effective and easy to use, supporting teachers in helping students learn the essential TEKS and succeed on STAAR tests.

Our Comprehensive Solutions

Sirius Online Digital Courses

Focused exclusively on TEKS instruction and authentic STAAR practice, Sirius Online supports all 20 STAAR-tested subjects, offering dynamic, engaging content for grades 3 through EOC. Learn more.

STAAR Assessment Bank and Test Builder

A robust online test bank with over 10,000 authentic STAAR questions, including two-point questions and SCR/ECR items, ensuring assessments match STAAR 2.0 in content, format, and rigor. Learn more.

Better Together: Sirius Online and STAAR Assessment Bank

Combine Sirius Online‘s instructional rigor with the STAAR Assessment Bank‘s assessment capabilities for an integrated approach to TEKS instruction and STAAR preparation. This powerful combination supports continuous improvement in teaching and assessment strategies, ensuring readiness for STAAR 2.0 across all tested subjects. Learn more.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Texas Schools

Flexible, Affordable Pricing: Explore our cost-effective packages and additional bundle discounts for comprehensive access to Sirius Online and the STAAR Assessment Bank, which will support all students’ success on STAAR tests. Sirius Online training is FREE with purchase! Learn more.

Getting Started with Sirius

Schedule a Demo with your Sales Representative to see Sirius in action.